IPSG Systems has expertise in helping clients develop solutions based on machine learning algorithms as well as in several open source Big Data frameworks like Spark and Hadoop. We have developed several cutting edge solutions by deploying algorithms and technologies like Deep Neural networks for image recognition, compute-intensive methods like L-BFGS optimization for retail assortment planning and so on. Our team comprises of gifted, highly talented engineers who can provide a machine learning algorithm that can work on single machine as well as in multi-node clusters that run on Spark and Hadoop.

Our expertise stems not only from a deep understanding of these frameworks, but from a strong foundation in machine learning concepts, data science, and distributed programming. Several members in our team are actively involved in contributing to open source projects in various domains that include compilers (LLVM), distributed programming and Spark

Algorithms and Technologies

Deep Networks

- Recursive Neural networks

- Convolution networks

Classification / Regression

- Support Vector Machines

- Decision Trees

- Neural Networks


- Gradient descent


- Hill Climbing, Simulated Annealing



- Assortment planning, demand forecasting


- Risk analysis

Data centre analytics

- Root cause analysis, time series data analysis


- Anomaly and outlier detection

IT Ticketing

- Applications in clinical research