IPSG Systems was founded in September 2009 to address the growing need for technical consultancy and services in niche areas like machine learning, compilers, vertical search and distributing programming. Over the years, we developed extensive expertise in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space and have been focused on delivering solutions in these areas. Our solutions include our machine learning platform Inferneon™ supplemented by services around engineering and other development activities typically needed for meeting business objectives like risk analysis, outlier detection or optimization.

We have a development centre located in Bangalore, India and a sales office in California, USA.

Leadership Team

Surya Babu, Director
Surya Babu

Surya has about 15 years experience in building small to large scale computing systems for technology companies. Before founding IPSG Systems, Surya was working as a manager in Microsoft Corp, in Silicon Valley, USA. At Microsoft, he played key roles in building distributed computing platforms for Microsoft Health Search and Microsoft Windows Live technologies. Before his stint at Microsoft, Surya was with SkyPilot Network, Arcot Systems, TCS, and Robert Bosch GmbH in various capacities and has built software engineering teams from scratch and delivered products and has been actively involved in several start-up companies.

Surya successfully co-founded and sold an IT services company Conifer IT, Inc. In all the companies he was working at, he has played important roles in executing projects with teams consisting of talented engineers and scientists across the globe.

Shreesha Mahishi, Director
Shreesha Mahishi

Shreesha has a graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). He has a broad range of interests in technology ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to systems that border on the software-hardware interface specifically in the areas of compilers, operating systems and distributed computing. He contributes to open source technologies frequently. Since the inception of IPSG Systems, he has been actively involved in designing and developing custom solutions to solve complex problems arising out of deploying machine learning algorithms.

Shreesha has decades of experience in the diverse areas of software engineering. Before co-founding IPSG Systems, he has worked in various capacities in the area of compilers, compiler optimizations, distributed programming, pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms. His earlier stints include diverse technical roles at Unilever and TCS.